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Car Simulator Vietnam (also known as CARSVN) will allow you to experience a true car driver in Vietnam honestly with the most popular 4-seat, 5-seat cars in Vietnam. MAP village Flood village, actual sea map in Vietnam.
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12 DECEMBER 2021
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It’s a vehicular simulation cellular online game. As the title suggests, game Car Simulator Vietnam mod Apk takes place in Vietnam, a fantastic country where you drive a car. Car Simulator Vietnam mod Apk 2022 is a digital simulation that allows you to drive a variety of fashionable model vehicles through scenic Asian landscapes. Get a free android review.

Car Simulator Vietnam mod Apk (also known as CARSVN) will allow you to realistically experience driving a car in Vietnam with the most popular 4-seat and 5-seat cars. Flood village on the MAP, a real-time sea map of Vietnam. Due to Web3o Technology manufacturing and distribution, CARSVN is the most perfect game and the first and only car driving game series in Vietnam, accumulating experience and quintessence from previous games such as Truck Simulator Vietnam and Bus Simulator Vietnam.

Car Simulator Vietnam mod Apk appears to be a small recreation from a distance. For those who enjoy driving simulators with a variety of interactive options, this game is worth checking out.

On its tracks Car Simulator Vietnam mod Apk, you can drive fantastic cars for free and play free highway games. In Vietnam, driving a car is an opportunity to gain experience.

As you travel along these paths, you may be treated to stunning views of the river. Certain automobiles are more popular and used in Vietnam than in other parts of the world. Simulator remains faithful to these realities.

Additionally, you can play this model for free with four- and five-seater vehicles. It’s possible to make a variety of changes to your car, including opening the trunk, hood, and adjusting the windshield wipers.

Features : Car Simulator Vietnam mod Apk

Here are some of Car Simulator Vietnam’s most notable features:

– In Vietnam, the 7-seater and 5-seater cars are the most popular.
– Especially the panoramic sunroof opening feature. – Open four doors, open the luggage trunk, open the cover, wipers, etc.
– Smart Key electronic lock with remote control.
– Has folding electric mirrors, just like real cars.
– In-vehicle transportation of passengers and luggage…
– A map of flood villages in Vietnam, as well as actual sea maps.
– Pull and let go of the hand brake.
– A steering wheel horn with four trumpet modes sounds like a real car.
– There is a Mini MAP, as well as a GPS directions map.
– Turn off and on the engine, turn signals, flashing lights, headlights, cabin lamps, etc.
– Record the game’s progress.

Car Simulator Vietnam apk
Car Simulator Vietnam apk

Detailed features of Car Simulator Vietnam mod Apk


A four-seater vehicle  in Car Simulator Vietnam Apk 2022 isn’t the only option here; you can also drive a five-seater or a seven-seater vehicle. Vietnamese people mostly travel in five- and seven-seater vehicles because that is the norm in the country. Anyone who has never driven a five- or seven-seater vehicle in this location is eligible for this free experience.

Electric Mirrors

Mirrors  in Car Simulator Vietnam Apk 2022 will be able to be adjusted up and down, similar to those found in modern computerised vehicles. You shouldn’t have to manually change them. All changes are handled in a robotic manner.


All that is required is the pressing of a single button. As soon as the button is pressed, the mirror will fold robotically.

Change Colors

Some automobiles can transport luggage and passengers. As a result, it might be preferable if you took breaks at various stops to allow people to board. Additionally, you can switch your luggage from one location to another.

Sun Roof

You can personalise any automobile by changing the colour to one of your preferences. Transform your vehicle into the vehicle you’ve always desired. Use non-traditional colours like blue, inexperienced, crimson, and black instead of the traditional blue, inexperienced, crimson, and black.

The ability to use solar roofing should not be available in many or any games on the market. However, with Car Simulator Vietnam Apk, you may be able to open your car’s sunroof. This allows you to enjoy the natural surroundings on the beach.


You can control the sport with the help of the steering wheel, arrows, sensors, and the keyboard in this game. It’s now up to you to decide which system you prefer and which controls you’re most comfortable with.


You can easily change the weather in this racing game while having fun. Depending on the mode you select, the water ranges will be adjusted.

More Features

  • Now you possibly can select between Manual and Automatic modes
  • Ads is not going to place advertisements
  • Graphics of the very best high quality
  • An glorious braking system
  • Maps in mini measurement

Conclusion : Car Simulator Vietnam mod Apk

There are a variety of climate options available, including sunny, wet, and dark conditions.
If you enjoy racing games, this is a game you should try at least once in your life. Remember to recommend it to others if you find it irresistible. There are no advertisements to worry about, aside from providing enjoyable gameplay with difficult driving abilities.

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