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Minibus Simulator Vietnam can be said to be a completely new version. With many interesting features, fix many bugs, be optimized and improved to achieve the highest FPS performance.
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20 december 2021
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On the Google Play Store, Minibus Simulator Vietnam Mod Apk is one of several driving games. Some of them are racing games in which you compete in fast-paced, adrenaline-filled races. Another goal is to leave simulation games in which you assume the role of a driver and perform daily tasks. Minibus Simulator Vietnam mod apk is a bus driving simulation game. You can download it for free here.
A wide range of games in the simulation genre are now available for smartphones. Simulation games are very popular with the general public because they allow you to play as a character and complete daily tasks. There are many options for those who enjoy vehicles and driving.

Minibus Simulator Vietnam mod apk is a driving game similar to Car Simulator Vietnam in which you drive your minibus across Vietnam’s vast, beautiful roads. A variety of minibuses from real-world companies are available for you to choose from.
You have the option of customising your minibus. Tires, rims, colours, and a slew of other options are available to completely customise your bus and turn it into a road queen.
If you want to drive a minibus on Vietnamese roads, don’t worry; the Minibus Simulator Vietnam mod apk is the game for you.

You might get a firsthand glimpse of what it’s like to drive in Vietnam. It’s very easy to get used to the game’s gameplay.


minibus simulator vietnam mod apk
minibus simulator vietnam mod apk

You’re a bus driver who runs a minibus through the congested streets of the city. Your mission is to pick up people at one station and deliver them to the other station, where they will be dropped off.

You will receive money and XP for each successful passenger travel if you complete this driving duty successfully.
The coins can be used to purchase gas, modify your vehicle, and gain access to additional perks. You can also open previously locked minibuses, which are the best and most efficient.
You have a variety of options when it comes to customising your vehicle. You can upgrade the whole vehicle or just a part of it. The performance of the bus, as well as the wheels, skins, and colours, are all important considerations.

Features: Minibus Simulator Vietnam Mod

All of the best features in a bus driving simulator game are included in the Minibus Simulator Vietnam mod apk.
Gameplay that’s realistic
The gameplay of the minibus is remarkably realistic. You get a taste of what it’s like to drive on real Vietnamese highways. That country’s climate is identical. The buses you drive are real bus models from real companies, and the driving style makes you feel like you’re driving a real bus on a real route.
Passengers in transit
This game’s main objective, similar to Indian Bus Simulator, is to transport passengers from one location to another. Passengers will most likely be waiting at bus stops, which you must pick up. You’ll notice on the map You can drop them off there to do your work in the target region where they want to travel.

Earn coins and Xps: Minibus Simulator Vietnam Mod

The passengers reward you with cash and XP when you complete a ride with them. This XP will help you advance in rank, and the coins can be used to buy various items.


If you want to have a realistic driving experience on Vietnam’s beautiful highways, you must download the Minibus simulator Vietnam mod apk.

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