Swordigo Android Game Review 2022


Swordigo Android Game Review 2022
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Swordigo Android Game Review 2022

Swordigo Android Game Review 2022

I’ll say it right now: Swordigo is the best Android game I’ve ever played. Now, my phone doesn’t have much room for larger games, but Swordigo is the one I keep coming back to out of every single one I’ve managed to download. You’ll find out why in this review.

The plot is simple, but it is effective. For a phone game, the game begins with a decent cutscene. We never learn the name of the boy who is having a nightmare about an old man fighting something. Because he believes something is wrong after having this dream, he decides to leave his house to investigate. The old man turns out to be his boss, and he must track him down.

There are some puzzles that are actually quite good and unique, such as one where you must figure out how to get a fireball to hit a button, thus unlocking a key. There are also plenty of enemies to contend with, including spiders that can jump absurdly high, turtles that shoot boulders, and possessed bushes that spindash.

Each enemy requires a unique strategy to defeat or can be defeated in one of two ways: with a sword, a Magic Bolt, or another projectile attack. Shops and different houses can be found all over the world. There is a healer’s house and a few civilian houses where you can replenish your health. You get money for shops by collecting Soul Shards, which are gems.

Rupees in The Legend of Zelda work in the same way. You obtain them by defeating enemies or destroying objects. They range in colour from blue to red to gold, increasing in value as you progress. These can be used to purchase health potions, weapons, armor, or trinkets, which are fantastic additions to the game. Armor, swords, and magic spells can all be adorned with trinkets. Attaching the Trinket of Fire to a sword, for example, will cause the sword to catch fire and deal additional damage. When you attach it to your armor, it inflicts damage on anyone who attacks you.

The only aspect of the gameplay that I dislike is the boss battles, which are all unique and visually appealing.

Gameplay : Swordigo Android Game Review 2022

Swordigo is a side-scrolling action

Swordigo is a 2.5D sidescrolling Zelda with a dash of Castlevania thrown in for good measure. It appears simple at first glance, but the gameplay is actually quite complex. The controls are straightforward. A left and right movement button, a sword button for attacks, a jump button, and a “spell” button to use a magic attack are all available. A “hand” button appears when you stand next to a door or an object, which you can use to open the door or pick up/throw the object. The controls are simple to grasp, making the game easy to pick up and play.

There are a lot of platforming sections in this game, and they’re all well-done. There are a few others as well.

the forest After that, he discovers his master dead on the ground. He was assassinated by a group known as “The Corruptors,” and he is the only person in his village who can stop them. As he attempts to flee, he is nearly assassinated by the Corruptors’ leader. The local nurse heals him, and it is revealed to him that there is a weapon that can defeat them. However, you later discover that the Corruptors have dismantled the weapon into four pieces, and it is up to you to locate each one and reassemble it.

The story has a good plot, but it leaves me with a few unanswered questions, such as who is the main character. What are the Corruptors, anyway? Why is it that the protagonist is the only one who can defeat them? Aside from that, it’s a fun story to get into.

This is a fantastic Platforming RPG that should take you about 3-4 hours to finish. That may sound underwhelming, but for an Android game that isn’t attempting to be AAA, it is more than adequate. The storey isn’t great, and the boss fights are terrible, but underneath it all, Swordigo is a fantastic experience that you should seek out if you’re looking for something that’s similar to Zelda but not a clone.

Plot : Swordigo Android Game Review 2022

The game Swordigo Android Game Review 2022 begins when a young guy, whose identity is unknown, awakens from a dream about his master’s death. He leaves his house and goes into the woods in search of his master, only to discover him dead. He reads a message found on his master’s body, which mentions the Corruptors, dark, wicked demons.

One of them then attacks him and knocks him unconscious. He awakens some years later, and the elder of his community sends him on a quest to find the Mageblade, a magical sword that is the only weapon capable of destroying the Corruptors. He meets the spirit of his master along the road, who directs him in the proper route. The young hero eventually discovers the dungeon where the Mageblade is normally stored.

But the same Corruptor that killed his master and knocked him unconscious is waiting for him, revealing that the Mageblade was destroyed. The hero obtains the first piece of the shattered Mageblade after killing them. He continues on his adventure after that, acquiring new magical spells and being directed by his deceased mentor. His master confronts him one more time after assembling the Mageblade and sends him to another dimension known as the World’s End Keep. He fights The Master of Chaos, the Lord of the Corruptors, who is a doppelgänger of himself. The game ends when he defeats his antagonist, but the scrolling text continues to recount the story of how he joined the King’s guard in Florennumn (a city depicted in the game), but eventually returned to his quiet life in his native town.

Features of Swordigo Android Game Review 2022

Swordigo Android Game Review 2022 is a platformer adventure game in which you can fight enemies, utilize magic, and explore dungeons! Here are some of its Features :

Unique game 

In the world of mobile gaming, adventure games aren’t exactly new. They’ve actually been around since the dawn of PC gaming. If you’re looking for mobile games in this genre, this is the one for you. Swordigo is a brand-new side-scrolling platformer that will transport you to a fantastical world. In this game, you get to play as a character who can use magic. This can be used to defeat enemies as well as explore dungeons! There are many places to see, treasures to discover, and caves to explore. Aside from that, the graphics have been updated, and the controls have been made easier to use!

Different locales:

The places you can go in this game are limitless! The map of Swordigo is so large that exploring it all would take hours. Explore never-before-seen tunnels, dungeons, towns, and other unusual locations! Each location is unique, with its own set of dangers. To move with caution and defeat everyone who stands in your way, you must use all of your resources.

This isn’t your typical platformer adventure with swords and magic. In this game, you can use swords to attack your opponents. Then you can use magic for long-range attacks as well! This is a one-of-a-kind hybrid of role-playing and adventure games. You can get rare and powerful swords to help you win this game! You can also look for powerful goods and spells to assist you in quickly defeating your opponents! There are no limits to what you can achieve in this game.

Level up your character

You may also level up your character in this game! As you gain experience in this area, your character’s stats will improve. You’ll have extra mana and HP as a result of this!

More Features:

Allow yourself to be engrossed in the best gaming experience ever.
Participate in thrilling battles and defeat your opponents.
Completing intriguing challenges will earn you points.
Travel through dangerous cities and areas.
Look for hidden treasures as you travel to different locations.
Destroy legendary, powerful, and frightening bosses.
Use powerful spells to defeat your opponents.
Strong swords and weapons should be used.
Enjoy simple controls and gameplay.
The amazing graphics will keep you entertained.

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