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Rongorongo Software has created a fun sports game called Football Agent mod APK. Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is also the most widely watched sport on the planet. Playing football gives you a great deal of pleasure.

Football Agent mod APK can be played by people of all ages. Football is simple to play and enjoy for even small children. It’s a simple game with straightforward rules. Many great football players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, exist.

You’ve undoubtedly heard of football players, but have you heard of football agents? Football agents are the focus of this game. Football agents play an important role in a football player’s career.

They advise players on which club is the best to join and how to get involved.

Your job is to find young football players with potential, make deals with big clubs, transfer players to those clubs, and earn a lot of money in the process.

They advise players on which club to join and assist them in making their decision. In this way, they are in charge of player transfers from one club to the next. Football agents assist footballers who are unsure whether or not they are being compensated appropriately for their services.


Download Football Agent MOD APK for unlimited money. If you are a fan of sports games, also check out this magnificent game, Stick Cricket Super League MOD APK.

Features: Football Agent mod APK

Find football players with exceptional abilities who have the potential to become exceptional players.
Make an alliance with the big clubs to get the best deals.
Create your own unique game world in one of the sixty-plus countries using the built-in editor.
Become a better football agent than your competitors. Use Google Play Leaderboards to analyse them.
Assist your clients by addressing their specific problems and issues.
Earn your commission while maintaining your clients’ happiness.

Gameplay: Football Agent mod APK

Choose your agent’s name, agency’s name, nation, and leagues when you first start the game. In the nation menu, you have almost all of the countries to choose from. You can also choose from a variety of leagues.

You can choose from a variety of leagues, including English, German, Spanish, France, Italy, and many others. Then press “Start Game.” Following that, some options will appear in the main menu. To keep up with the latest news, tap on the news.

To see the young players, tap on Talents. You can learn about their overall characteristics by tapping on their profile and selecting the information tab at the bottom of the screen. You can see how capable they are both offensively and defensively.

Examine how physically and mentally capable you are.

they are, how technically skilled they are, how fast they are, and where they stand in the field Also, be aware of their name, country, age, and worth. You can negotiate with them after learning about them by tapping on the negotiation bar below.

You can suggest your players to clubs after negotiating and signing the contract. You have control over the salary, fee, and duration of the contract. After that, tap on “suggest a deal.” If the deal is unacceptable, it means you’ve set the salary, fee, or number of years the deal should last incorrectly.

You can transfer players to other clubs if you want. If you don’t like them, you can give them a gift, a nickname, or release them. You can also choose the managers and coaches you want to work with and negotiate with them.

You will make money this way. You will make more money if you have more players and they play better. Betting is another way to make money. You can place a wager on which team will win the championship and how much you want to bet.

You can sell your house and buy a new one if you choose the private option. Change your car if you don’t have one and buy a new one, but you’ll need to level up, earn money, and gain some reputation to do so.

Increase the level, maximum players, transfer commission, salary commission, and weekly cost of your office by upgrading it. By expanding your scouting network, you’ll be able to Increasing your level and selecting different countries.

This will save you time and effort, and your gaming experience will improve dramatically. You will have to pay money to review this game on the Playstore, but it is completely free to review the Football Agent MOD APK.


Final Verdict:

Now is your chance to be a football manager if you’ve always wanted to be one. In this game, you can realise your dream of becoming a wealthy football manager. This game isn’t just a sports game; it also gives the impression of being a simulation game.

This game is very simple to play. All you have to do is tap a few options and you’ll be the best football manager in the world. This game will not bore you because it has so many great features.

You will be able to change your house and car while negotiating players, transferring them, and earning money. To get the most out of your money, buy a big house and a big car, as well as upgrade your office.

Review Football Agent if you enjoy football games. However, as I previously stated, this game is not available for free on the Play Store. Review Football Agent MOD APK to play it for free and with mods, and enjoy the fun gameplay.

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