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Minion Rush Mod Apk v8.2.2a (Unlimited Bananas & Tokens)
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Minion Rush mod apk is a fun-to-play game with a unique theme. It’s all about running as quickly as you can, avoiding obstacles, and collecting coins to upgrade your team’s minion rush characters. Meanwhile, those pesky enemies will try to catch up to you; however, you must stop them by demonstrating your abilities! You can now assemble your favourite minions! Minion Rush is the latest game from the creators of Despicable Me, whose strange yellow characters you may recognise.
Minion Rush is a new endless runner for Android and iOS that has you running through Gru’s evil laboratory collecting bananas before he destroys them all.” This game was first released in 2013, and it has received a lot of attention since then has been well-received by people of all ages.

It’s possible that the popularity of Minion Rush the real game stems from the game’s simple controls or the concept of Minion Rush Mod Apk Free Purchase.

It continues to run, dodging a variety of obstacles and collecting all of the bananas and coins that fall into its path. The opponents will try to stop you from running, so stay away from them if you want to keep going.
After that, you’d visit real-life locations from the original films, such as Gru’s science lab, Durakavalian, and Mignon Beach, to name a few. You can upgrade your skills and buy new clothes for your character with the bananas and coins you earn in Minion Rush mod apk.


Minion Rush Mod ApkMinion Rush Mod Apk
Minion Rush Mod Apk

The gameplay is similar to that of other runner games such as Temple Run and Subway Surfer, among others. A never-ending run is experienced by the player. You must command a minion as it traverses the map and encounters various obstacles. On his way, he tries to collect as many bananas and coins as possible.

The game’s speed is slow at first, but it gradually increases as the game progresses. In addition, your cartoon character will come across some evil masters along the way. The evil bosses will throw objects at the Minion to attack him. You must avoid the attack by throwing the items back; otherwise, your minion will perish.


Minion Rush mod apk includes all of the features that should be included in any single-player runner game. Because Gameloft understands what gamers want, their products are consistently the best.

Your Minions’ Outfits:

You can customise your character in Minion Rush in a variety of ways. Minion fans know how much fun it is to try on new outfits. These aren’t your typical fashion accessories, though. Each dressing option in Minion Rush has its own set of power-ups that improve the minion’s abilities. As a result, this feature will be a lot of fun for you.

Coins indefinitely:

Each of the power-ups and costumes serves a specific purpose. They are, however, unlocked, and unlocking them will take some effort. You’ll have to play a game.

To get them, you’ll have to play a lot of games. However, if you use the modded version of our game, you will have unlimited coins and will be able to unlock any item you desire.

Features of the mod
Mod apk comes with a number of advanced features, including:

Bananas and tokens are unlimited.
Costumes and power-ups that can be unlocked
Characters that have been unlocked are ad-free.
Everything is easy to download and unlimited.

During the game, tokens, bananas, and coins are used as virtual currency. You will have unlimited money to buy costumes and other items in the Minion Rush mod apk. In the mod apk, you’ll find an entirely unlocked shopping menu. You will also be able to unlock various characters and locations without having to spend any money.

Different Modes

There are two game modes to choose from. The first is a standard mode in which you run and gather resources. The other option is to play in mission mode. In this mode, you must complete a number of missions. To complete the mission, you must collect various special items from various locations. Each mission in this game has six different stages. There’s a lot of entertainment to be had here.


With its thrilling set of operations and eye aesthetics, Minion Rush mod apk introduces a new experience to the world of game features games. You’ll gain special abilities as well, and if you like the minions, you’ll be able to learn more about them while watching the game.

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